The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

After seeing the various R2 astromech units at several Celebration events, I always dreamed of building my own.  Today, I start that journey!

In the past I was dissuaded from starting one given the cost, time commitment and the necessary skill level involved.  I was never really good at models growing up, so figured it was out of range for me.  However, a good friend in the DCSWCC (DC Star Wars Collecting Club), Izzy, persuaded me to give it a shot by pre-ordering the styrene dome from a part run on    He promises to help me out, so I have that going for me.  Considering he cranked out his aluminum R2 in about 4 months, and previously built a Jango Fett costume that was amazing, at least I have a fall back when I get stuck.

Styrene?  Izzy and another fellow DCSWCC member are either building or going to build one out of styrene so I’m going with their advice.  They say it will be less expensive and is easier and more forgiving to work with.

Dome is pre-ordered!  (1) Laser Cut Styrene Dome from Daren M. on here is a link to my post

Styrene dome: $175

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