Monthly Archives: April 2013

My first build day!

Got invited to my first official build day on Sunday, 5/5/2013.  The only issue is that I’m camping all weekend with cub scouts so not sure what shape I’ll be in on Sunday after probably not sleeping well for two straight nights.  Izzy and I are going to another builders house, Greg, for this build day so it should be fun (if I’m not exhausted).

Izzy also asked how good I am at soldering, my answer was I’ve done it in the past but not very good at it.

Holoprojectors, PSIs and logic displays oh my

Talked to Izzy today, and it was like he was speaking a different language.  He said I needed holoprojectors, PSIs and logic displays (front and rear btw)!?!  I tried to act like I knew what he was talking about, but had to look it up on afterwards.

The ‘New Member Central’ forum has a wealth of information, here is the link to the R2 part terminology, who knew there were 23 parts on the leg alone?

Leg terminology picture on the DroidWiki

The dome has arrived

I guess I’m really doing this!  The dome arrived today, the box was a little smashed so was concerned what shape it would be in.  I opened it up and everything seems to be ok.

The plastic is thicker than I imaged and there are two domes, one for the inside and one for the outside.  The laser cutting is only on the outside dome, most of the pieces are still attached by their tabs but a few have come off.  There is also a round disk with the astromech builder logo on it.

Time to call Izzy as I have no idea where to start.  There is an overwhelming amount of information and it seems hundreds of different ways of building R2.