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Protection you will need!!!!!

That’s my attempt at speaking like wise-old Yoda. Take heed to this advice, you need to protect yourself from the Weld-On IPS 3 glue. If you don’t believe me check out the Material Safety Data Sheet here Rumor has it that you can’t buy this stuff in California its that nasty. But with the proper precautions you can work safely with it. Read the MSDS Section V Health Hazard Data!

I pRespiratorurchased rubber gloves, safety glasses and a 3M tekk Pro Multi-Purpose Respirator. Make sure the respirator you buy is for working with chemicals, they can be found in the paint supply area of most hardware stores.

Rubber gloves, safety glasses and respirator: $55

Shoulder Hubs and Center Ankle

Spent the long weekend working on the shoulder hubs and center ankles.  Here are pictures of the near completed items, unfortunately I was too excited about having some free time that I didn’t take progress photos.

I decided to buy a laminate trimming bit for my rotozip to cut the 1mm skin flush.  Worked like a charm, but you need to practice and turn down the speed so that you don’t melt the styrene.  Cost was $20.  Also purchased the Loctite for the bolts in the shoulder hubs for $7.


Tip:  Make sure you mark the left and right hubs as they are different.


Laminate Trimmer: $20
Loc-Tite: $7


Ordered some tools from Amazon today.  Since I’m going to stick with metric bolts I ordered the Greenlee Drill and Tap set recommended by another builder.  Another builder recommended the OLFA Utility Knife so I’m going to try it out since my utility knife just isn’t cutting it!  Also picked up extra blades

Greenlee Drill and Tap set – Greenlee Drill and Tap Set

OLFA Utility Knife – OLFA Utility Knife and extra blades (10 pack)

Plus I picked up a cork backed ruler at Office Depot for $6.


Cork backed ruler

Drill / Tap Set: $40
OLFA Utility Knife: $10
Blades: $10
Ruler: $6

Two weeks later…..

Back to working on the droid two weeks after starting. Between ordering the glue and getting a new garage door really didn’t have the space or the tools needed to continue. I had made great progress on day one so was itching to get this droid built. Of course once I started it was hard to stop and the wife might be feeling a little like an R2 widow at this point. Today (and well into the night) I completed the body frame and started on the shoulder hubs. It was a little unsettling not having other R2 builders around like my first day – but I think I did ok. A few of the inner hub internal pieces aren’t entirely square but I think it will work out. I ordered the hardware for the shoulder hubs from Bolt Depot since the plans called for 6mm bolts which my local box hardware store didn’t carry. I figured that I may be able to convert the metric to SAE to make it easier to find parts but I’m not that confident just yet. I order the IPS 3 glue from ePlastics along with a needle applicator bottle and funnel. Here is a picture of my completed frame with the dome sitting on top, the main eye is just taped in place.

Here is a picture of the glue and the accessories.  (time warp ~~~~~ I took this picture much later, so ignore the bottle on the left, I bought that at a local hobby store since it had a finer gauge needle.  I used if for the 1mm applications on the skins and dome ~~~~~ back to the past).

IMG_2831 IMG_2833

Just couldn’t resist placing the dome (with the radar eye taped on) on the frame, its starting to look like R2! The other photos are of the styrene sheets from Greg with some of the parts removed as I use them, or organize them.


Frame coming together

Frame coming together

Sheets from Greg


Here is a list of what exactly I ordered:

Bolt Depot –

5145 Metric machine screws, Phillips flat head, Stainless steel 18-8, 6mm x 1.0mm x 60mm 16 pcs $0.89 $14.24
4516 Metric flat washers, Stainless steel 18-8, 6mm 1 box of 100 $2.99 $2.99
4776 Metric hex nuts, Stainless steel 18-8, 6mm x 1.0mm 1 box of 100 $4.89 $4.89

ePlastics –

Brief Description
IPS 3 QT 1 Weld-On #3 Quart *Requires Applicator $26.95 $26.95
HYPO25 2 Hypo 25 Applicator For Weldon Industrial Solvent Adhesive $2.82 $5.64
FUNNEL 2 Small Funnel for pouring liquid chemicals $1.26 $2.52
POURSPOUT 1 Pour Spout For Weld-On Cans $1.23 $1.23

UPDATE:  Found out that both Home Depot and Lowes carries metric bolts, nuts and washers.  They are in a specialty drawer at the end of the hardware aisles.  Usually stock is low so you may have to go to more than one store to get all the parts you need.  I’m fortunate to have about 6 of each within a 20 mile radius.  Here is a picture of the specialty drawers at Lowes.


Weld-On/Supplies: $40
Bolts: $25

Build Day #1

Izzy and I went up to Greg’s house for my first ‘R2 Build’ meeting.  Wasn’t sure what to expect, and since I had been camping with the cub scouts the last two nights I wasn’t as awake as I probably should have been.  I was amazed at how helpful and patient Greg was, but also how passionate he was about building.  He constructed his own CNC machine and he was rocking and rolling cutting styrene.

Here you’ll see pictures of the first days progress.  I started with the frame and basically was gluing piece after piece.  The pieces cut on the CNC machine fit like a glove so all the hard work of cutting out the styrene was done.

Also special thanks to Dave for the styrene plans that we are using for the build.  The plans are on the R2 Builders group in the Files section.

I finished about 2/3 of the frame today and got a heck of a sunburn on my neck (added to the sunburn while camping).  A good days work in my opinion.  Thanks to Izzy, here are some photos from Day 1.   Total spent today is $200 which includes styrene, VEX controller, additional crystals, and a few other odds and ends.

PS: Greg and his wife also served us Cinco de Mayo food, I was a total stranger to Greg and yet he treated me like a long time friend.   I can’t say enough about his hospitality and helpfulness.

The journey begins....using Greg's magnet setup surely helped

The journey begins….using Greg’s magnet setup surely helped

Starting on the second level, the magnets were essential to keep the uprights square

Starting on the second level, the magnets were essential to keep the uprights square

Gluing level 3....those are Greg's ankles that we are using for weight

Gluing level 3….those are Greg’s ankles that we are using for weight

On to level 3....

On to level 3….

Styrene, VEX controller + crystals, odds/ends: $200