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Started on the legs, lots of pieces because these are going to carry a lot of the weight of R2.  Again since I don’t have a magnet table I just held the pieces in place as close to square as possible unit the glue set.  The glue sets quickly so it doesn’t take long.  Deburring and lightly sanding the edges of the pieces takes longer, but I’m not complaining since handcutting the pieces would be very time consuming.  So thankful that Greg has his CNC machine, need to buy him a beer or something the next time I see him!

I had to figure out what exact size of conduit to use, some use metal, some use PVC some even have used towel bars.  I went with a 1/2″ CPVC conduit since I had a 1/2″ bit and the outer diameter of the CPVC was 1/2″.  The IPS 3 doesn’t bond to the CPVC so I used regular PVC glue which bonded to both the CPVC and styrene, plus I had it on hand.  Cost of the CPVC was $4.

Trying to take more pictures as progress goes along, but sometimes I’m just in a groove.

Camera 360

Step 1

The instructions say the angled pieces are structurally important, as an engineer of course I over did it, but better safe than sorry.   Ended up hacking the extra pieces to make the hub fit.


Over engineered?


Test fit with Izzys hub


Decide to leave 1/2″ stick out

While test fitting the underarm boxes I noticed the score lines and the pieces didn’t fit correctly.   I may have scored them in the wrong place so I cheated the box so that its a little shallower than the marks and the pieces aligned.  After gluing them, I found out a deeper box may have been a better idea.  Oh, well maybe on the next droid


Test fit everything

PVC Pipe: $4