Main Ankles

Working on both main ankles, its a lot of styrene laminated together.  These things are beefy for being plastic.  One issue that did arise is that the 3mm styrene we have is actually 0.125″ thick (SAE), so there is a 0.007″ difference.  You won’t notice this until you laminate several pieces together.  The main ankle piece that goes into the foot will be slightly wider.  The ankles are 8 pieces laminated together so that 0.007″ becomes 0.05″ inches, if I was doing it again, I’d make one of the MAO pieces 0.08″ (2mm equivalent), then the difference would only be 0.01″.

For the record here is the conversion from Metric to US sheets we used
3mm = 0.125″
2mm = 0.08″

This small gap is another result of the slight difference, but since it gets skinned I’m not going to fill it in.


Small gap

In keeping with my box method keeping stuff sorted