Details, details and details

Didn’t someone say the last 10% takes 90% of the time, that’s how I feel as I am now working on the details.

IMG_2659Izzy ordered a skirt for me as the styrene plans were awfully intimidating. I didn’t like the hollow feel of the skirt so I put in the door/window expandable foam (it doesn’t exert pressure when expanding). It worked great, but it sucks up water. So if you wash your R2 body, like I did before painting it, make sure you don’t get water in skirt or it will take days to dry – trust me — days!


My resin parts camIMG_2661e in from Brenda/Calvin and I’ve been cleaning, sanding and painting them over the past few weeks. Here is the cylinder details on the center ankle. Looks great, although when I masked off the silver to paint the blue, the silver painted dulled a bit. I ‘polished’ it with fine steel wool and really like the look. The grooves on the cylinders are still the shiny silver and the rest is more like a brushed finish.

Skirt: $