That’s what friends are for……to help with R2

Started on the Teeces setup for the dome.  Talk about having to solder a thousands things, fortunately Izzy stopped by to help out – ok so I begged him.  I soldered the Front and Rear Logics as he fixed the rear PSI (long story) and soldered the front one.

After we were done, we plugged it all in to see if it worked, he had previously programmed the chip.  Bam!   Absolutely nothing……sad face.  He took a look at all the pieces and parts, re-soldered a few things, changed out a few chips and whamo!  It worked!

I couldn’t have felt more freakin amazed that what I had just spend hours soldering actually worked.  I had never soldered circuit boards before, mostly larger stuff – but I did it.

I was so proud, when my wife got back from bookclub I had to show her.  I was like a kid a Christmas.

Teeces Kit: $
Soldering Iron + supplies: $