IMG_2987Are they really ever done?  My R2 is officially complete and ready for action.  I finished painting the rocket booster covers this past weekend thanks to unseasonably warm weather (70 degrees in late December!).  I purchased a set of resin booster covers as the styrene ones were a lot of pieces/parts and I just wanted to get him done.

Of course I already have a list of upgrades that I want to do, some were planned from the beginning others have come out through the build process.

Future Upgrades:

  1. Lightsaber popup – this includes the dome panel retracting (I’m a Luke Jedi collector so this is a necessity of course!)
  2. Charging port – I’m tired of having to pull out the battery to charge R2.  I’ve installed a dpdt switch that allows me to both turn him on, but also connect a charger.  Just need to work on the parts of the charging port.
  3. Weathering – as a good friend says, he’s showroom new, but eventually all R2s will become weathered.  I have a few dings on my otherwise perfectly clean R2
  4. R5 or R6 dome – want to be able to quickly switch between astromechs.  I’ve seen a few events were there are plenty of R2s and not many of the others.