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SHADOW control system

I decided to upgrade the control system to the SHADOW system which uses the Sony Playstation 3 Move wand controllers.  These are very easy to hide and have a ton of buttons and options.

One of my favorite features is using the ‘L2’ trigger as a throttle for R2.  Instead of simply switching between low speed and high speed, you can ramp R2 up by pulling the trigger and it works like a gas pedal.  The more you pull the faster R2 goes.  This has worked great in numerous occasions.

Thanks to Knightshade on the Astromech forums for all the time and effort to develop this system.

PS3 Move navcontroller

Time for new wheels!

Ran into a problem with the Banebot wheel/hubs on the jaycar motors.  No matter what I tried the hubs would eventually slip on the drive shaft.  The drive shafts of the jaycars are keyed, but the banebot hubs are not and require a set screw.  I tried dimpling the set screw, using loc-tite, etc with no success.  Eventually the hub would come loose and slip.

I decided to go with DFRobot wheels (KIT0044) which came with a keyed hub, so I ordered 4 thinking I’d use 2 wheels and have 2 spares.  Turns out I ordered 4 sets of 2 wheels.  Cost for two wheels and hubs was $39 with shipping.

Got the wheels and used some of the free time over the holidays to install them.  Since these wheels are slightly larger than the banebots, I had to remove about 1/8″ on either side for clearance, but since its styrene it didn’t take too long.  Here are pictures of the before/after:

IMG_2735 IMG_4495 IMG_4497 IMG_4496

The worse part of the hub slipping was the hub would then get stuck on the shaft.  I would remove the set screw and still could not get the hub off the drive shaft.  Which in turn meant I could not remove the motor from the mount plate.  Thankfully my friend Greg cut me two more sets of mount plates and I purchased two new jaycar motors.  Now I have spares!  Here is the destructive testing I did to remove one of the hubs, still have one more to go.

IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4507