Time for new wheels!

Ran into a problem with the Banebot wheel/hubs on the jaycar motors.  No matter what I tried the hubs would eventually slip on the drive shaft.  The drive shafts of the jaycars are keyed, but the banebot hubs are not and require a set screw.  I tried dimpling the set screw, using loc-tite, etc with no success.  Eventually the hub would come loose and slip.

I decided to go with DFRobot wheels (KIT0044) which came with a keyed hub, so I ordered 4 thinking I’d use 2 wheels and have 2 spares.  Turns out I ordered 4 sets of 2 wheels.  Cost for two wheels and hubs was $39 with shipping.

Got the wheels and used some of the free time over the holidays to install them.  Since these wheels are slightly larger than the banebots, I had to remove about 1/8″ on either side for clearance, but since its styrene it didn’t take too long.  Here are pictures of the before/after:

IMG_2735 IMG_4495 IMG_4497 IMG_4496

The worse part of the hub slipping was the hub would then get stuck on the shaft.  I would remove the set screw and still could not get the hub off the drive shaft.  Which in turn meant I could not remove the motor from the mount plate.  Thankfully my friend Greg cut me two more sets of mount plates and I purchased two new jaycar motors.  Now I have spares!  Here is the destructive testing I did to remove one of the hubs, still have one more to go.

IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4507