Monthly Archives: July 2015

SHADOW controller update

I just finished an event at the Washington Nationals Star Wars day, this is my sixth event with the SHADOW system but definitely the largest attended event.  I was wondering how the bluetooth connection of the controller and any interference from the numerous cellphones would affect the system.

Everything worked perfectly without any issues!  The system was rock solid and very stealthy.  Many many times the parents were looking around for who was controlling R2 and they hardly ever found me.

Thanks again to Knightshade for all the work he put into developing the system.  I’d also like to thank Vint32 on the Astromech forum for the code to eliminate the ‘dome twitch’ when two controllers were connected, I’ve had zero twitches since the new code was added.

Several members of the 501st even complementing me on how hidden the controllers were and how that added to the experience.

R2 even made the Washington Nationals Facebook page!  Can you find person controlling R2?