Monthly Archives: September 2015

SHADOW + Marcduino – more bells and whistles

So I fell into the R2 Builder sarlacc pit – which is when you complete R2, you have this incessant need to upgrade.  When I was out at events, it was cool having R2, but other than movement and sounds it didn’t do much else.

So I’ve decide to work on a ‘Dome 2.0’ which will have all the panels open/close.  Originally was looking at integrating some of the code from BigHappyDude but then came Vint32 who integrated the Marcduino boards into the Shadow system.  Now I’ll be able to have all the dome panels open and have sequences with very little work on my part.  Having R2 controls on an iPod/iPhone was never my thing, but Vint32s integration doesn’t require that part of the marcduino setup, although you could add it if you wanted both.

Its absolutely amazing the creativity and the talent found in the R2 Builders group!  Special thanks to Vint32 and BlackSnake for tolerating the emails and sharing all the work they’ve done to integrate the Marcduino into the Shadow system.  Thanks to Knightshade for the initial Shadow system and thanks to CuriousMarc for all the work on the marcduino system.

Here is a video of the system on the bench: