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Magnetic connector for dome (version 2)

I’ve always wanted an easy and affordable magnetic connector for the dome to body connection.  I’ve used the DB25 connector with FlthyMcNsty’s board since the beginning and it works great, but it takes two hands to make the connection.

Here is version 2 of the magnetic connector that I’ve designed.  It uses conductive magnets for the voltage and then a 8 pin millmax connector for the data.  This mirrors the high current board I previously used.  Basically 4 wire for the slipring carry each leg of V+/V- times two as I run 5V and 12V to the dome, and the 8 remaining wires carry data.  Each wire is rated at 2A, so that gives a max of 8A per power leg, each magnet is rated at 8A, but I doubled up just to be safe.  So 2 magnets per power leg.

Here is a list of parts, again this is NOT perfect and will take some builder experience to get it working.  If I have time I may fix the things to make it easier to put together, but mine works so it won’t be a high priority.  Warning – the millmax connectors are tiny and difficult to solder as they are brass pins that heat up great but also melt their own housings.  Tried the solder verisons of them and just melted them all the heck.  So went with the pin mounts and provided a separate pcb board, much easier to solder these.  SO USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

3D Printed Female end
3D Printed Male plug
3D Printed Male back piece
8 sets of conductive magnets
Male Millmax connector
Female Millmax connector
PCB Board for female end (brd file)
PCB Board for male end (brd file)
PCB Board for Millmax connector X2 (brd file)
5.0 pitch 2-pole screw terminal x2
2.54 pitch 4-pole screw terminal x2

(obviously you’ll need a slip ring and a way to connect it to the dome – this is only for slip ring to body connection)

Here are pictures of the connectors


Video of the mating, sorry for the shaking video as I had one hand on the dome another on the camera.