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Details, details and details

Didn’t someone say the last 10% takes 90% of the time, that’s how I feel as I am now working on the details.

IMG_2659Izzy ordered a skirt for me as the styrene plans were awfully intimidating. I didn’t like the hollow feel of the skirt so I put in the door/window expandable foam (it doesn’t exert pressure when expanding). It worked great, but it sucks up water. So if you wash your R2 body, like I did before painting it, make sure you don’t get water in skirt or it will take days to dry – trust me — days!


My resin parts camIMG_2661e in from Brenda/Calvin and I’ve been cleaning, sanding and painting them over the past few weeks. Here is the cylinder details on the center ankle. Looks great, although when I masked off the silver to paint the blue, the silver painted dulled a bit. I ‘polished’ it with fine steel wool and really like the look. The grooves on the cylinders are still the shiny silver and the rest is more like a brushed finish.

Skirt: $

Main Ankle/Foot Hardware

For the Main Ankles I’m using a 3/8″ threaded bolt, 2″ in length with a steel sleeve for the connection between the main ankle and foot, I didn’t want the bolt threads wearing away the styrene.  The bolt has a 9/16″ head which I’ve marked for easy of finding the right tool in the future.  I glued the washer onto the styrene facing the battery box, but there is not enough clearance for the nut and washer on the outside face.  I’ve drilled a hole in the battery box to allow access for the bolt to be inserted and access to the hardware from that side.   It is tight on the outside so getting the nut on the bolt is tricky until it starts getting threaded.IMG_2737IMG_2738

Here is a picture of the bolt/nut installed, notice the 9/16″ again on the inside so I get the right wrench the first time.

IMG_2911 IMG_2909

I’m going to be using the Jaycar motors ($40/each + $25 shipped) for both feet and the dome as recommended by Dave.  I bought a 7mm/8mm ratchet wrench from Sears for $7.  It works extremely well for attaching the motor support plate to the foot.


I ordered the wheels (T80P-493BG-HS6) and hubs (T80H-SM61) from BaneBots for $37 shipped.


Motors: $105
Wrench: $7
Wheels/Hubs: $37

Center Foot & Ankle Hardware

Looks like I’ll be going with SAE bolts for the ankle/foot hardware since larger metric bolts are as easy to find at Home Depot or Lowes.  I also didn’t like the ide of threading the bolts into the styrene so am going to use a bolt all the way through with a metal sleeve to prevent the bolt threads from wearing on the styrene directly.

I’m using a 3/8″ threaded bolt, 2″ in length with a steel sleeve for the connection between the center ankle and foot.  I’ve recessed the washers and glued them in place on both the bolt and the nut side to give more metal bearing on the styrene.  Since the area is too tight, I cut out the left side panel to allow access to the hardware, it reattaches with rare earth magnets I bought at Amazon.


Center ankle hardware

For the caster, I found a 3″ Waxman rubber caster at Lowes.  Wheel diameter is 3″ and the mounting height is just under 3-1/2″.  LINK

I had to make my own ‘wrench’ out of styrene since there was not enough clearance for a regular wrench.

IMG_2900 IMG_2901   IMG_2905

Center Ankle hardware: $7

Resin parts ordered

Ordered the following resin parts today.

Utility Arms
Under Shoulder Details
Octogon Ports
Shoulder Hubs
Power Couplers
Pocket Vents
Side Vents
Leg Struts
Shoulder Hydraulics
Coin Slots
Knurled FIttings

Wayne uses aluminum particles in his pieces so they look like aluminum, decided to go this route for the silver parts instead of using Rub-n-Buff that Izzy keeps saying is easy to use…….we’ll see.

Resin parts: $267

Main Ankles

Working on both main ankles, its a lot of styrene laminated together.  These things are beefy for being plastic.  One issue that did arise is that the 3mm styrene we have is actually 0.125″ thick (SAE), so there is a 0.007″ difference.  You won’t notice this until you laminate several pieces together.  The main ankle piece that goes into the foot will be slightly wider.  The ankles are 8 pieces laminated together so that 0.007″ becomes 0.05″ inches, if I was doing it again, I’d make one of the MAO pieces 0.08″ (2mm equivalent), then the difference would only be 0.01″.

For the record here is the conversion from Metric to US sheets we used
3mm = 0.125″
2mm = 0.08″

This small gap is another result of the slight difference, but since it gets skinned I’m not going to fill it in.


Small gap

In keeping with my box method keeping stuff sorted