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You’re hosed

Picked up four 12″ braided stainless steel faucet supply lines from my local hardware store.  I’ve seen various lengths described on the boards but decided to go with 12″.  In hindsight it may have been cheaper to go with 24″ and cut it in half.  The cost was $5/each for a total of $20.

I’ve seen various ways to connect the hose to the knurl fittings, and the fittings to the foot/battery box.  I also saw a few come lose at Celebrations by catching on things or being knocked off by other people.

I decide to go with a magnet approach, this way if they get caught on something they should easily detach.  In look at the hoses and the fittings I decided to glue the fittings to the feet/battery box and add a magnet to the end of the hoses.  So the hose will pull out from the fitting (in theory).

I purchase 8mm diameter ‘Super Magnets’ at Home Depot for $4.


It took a few attempts to figure out exactly how to make it work.  I tried just gluing the magnet in the hose, but it kept turning and twisting.  The solution was to use a slightly smaller wooden dowel cut to about 1/4″.  I glued the magnet to the dowel, and then glued the dowel in the hose.  You will also notice I wrapped tape around the hose for two purposes.  One was to prevent the braids from separating and the second was to retain the circular shape when gluing in the dowel.

IMG_2837 IMG_2838

I was going to glue a magnet inside the knurl fitting to give a strong magnet to magnet hold.  I decided to just glue in a steel washer for the magnet to attach to as I was having problems getting the right side of the magnet (for polarity) to stay face out, plus the depth of the knurl fitting didn’t conceal the glued part of the hose where the dowel was situated.


I used Citadel Reikland Fleshshade paint that I bought from Games Workshop to color the hoses closer to what is seen in the films.  Cost of the paint was $5.


Here is the finished product, looks good to me.


Hoses: $20
Magnets: $4
Dowel: $3
Paint: $5

Battery Boxes

Assembly of the battery boxes went fairly quick.  Again, I used the laminate trim bit since the final shape is all 1mm skin.

One modification I made was for the wires between the ankle and the foot, I decided to run them through the battery boxes since mine will be empty.  I used a 1/2″ styrene tube that I glued to the ankle and cut a slot in the battery box for it to pass into.  I also made the shape so that the ankle could swing up for 2 leg mode (the way I intended to display R2 in my Star Wars room)

The inside of the battery box showing the path for the wire.

This picture shows the 1/2″ styrene tube that goes between the ankle and the battery box, this way you don’t see any wires.

I decided to use these hex thumb screws to attach the battery box covers.  I just like the look, gives it more of a ‘real’ look in my opinion.  Plus I can just take off the screws without any tools.