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Have skid and we’ll ride

Seeing that R2 doesn’t fit into the back of my Traverse, I needed a way to transport him laying down.  Borrowing heavily from Mr. Sparkle’s R2.0 skid design, I built my own skid that allows me to finally take R2 somewhere without having to bum a ride from Izzy.  I need to add handholds and sand/paint the skid but here is pictures of it so far.  I plan to use weatherstripping to cushion the edges that R2 rests on.  Here is the link on

IMG_3811 IMG_3817 IMG_3813 IMG_3812 IMG_3815 IMG_3814 IMG_3816

Holoprojectors, PSIs and logic displays oh my

Talked to Izzy today, and it was like he was speaking a different language.  He said I needed holoprojectors, PSIs and logic displays (front and rear btw)!?!  I tried to act like I knew what he was talking about, but had to look it up on afterwards.

The ‘New Member Central’ forum has a wealth of information, here is the link to the R2 part terminology, who knew there were 23 parts on the leg alone?

Leg terminology picture on the DroidWiki